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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from May, 2015

Florida Passes Assisted Living Reforms


Florida recently passed new legislation that will require assisted living facility owners to provide better care and treatment to its residents. Senate Bill 382/House Bill 1001 passed both sides and now waits for the Governor's signature. Once the Governor signs the Bill, the new regulations will take effect July 1, 2015. While many believe the proposed regulations will require assisted living facilities to provide better care and treatment, many within the long term care field believe the regulations are a nice step in the right direction but could have been more stringent. Our Tampa Assisted Living Facility Lawyers are here to answer any questions regarding the care and treatment provided by a long term care facility.

Senate Bill 382/ House Bill 1001 provides the following provisions:

  • The Agency for Healthcare Administration will be required to pay the facility to copy records during regulatory inspections.
  • An assisted living facility will be fined $500.00 if it fails to conduct background checks on hired employees.
  • In an assisted living community that operates under a limited nursing services specialty license, nurses will be authorized to practice to the full extent of their abilities within the scope of a facility's license.
  • Assisted living communities with one or more state-supported mental health residents will be required to obtain a limited mental health license.
  • Unlicensed, but trained staff will be authorized to assist their residents with self-administration of medications and related activities.

Our attorneys litigate long term care cases throughout Florida, including Broward County, Dade County, Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Manatee County, Orange County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, Polk County and Sarasota County. Should you have any questions regarding the care and treatment received in a long term care facility, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers.

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