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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from August, 2018

Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer - Florida Nursing Home Residents' Rights


Florida has one of the largest elderly populations in the United States. With such a large population of elderly citizens, there are numerous nursing home and assisted living facilities within Florida. Our Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys handle a variety of abuse cases that involve abuse and neglect within the long term care setting. Our abuse attorneys also handle numerous claims involving the development of bed sores, falls, dehydration, elopement and lack of adequate nutrition during a loved one’s stay in a nursing home.

If you have a loved one who has been admitted to a rehabilitation facility, assisted living facility or an assisted living facility, it is extremely important to make regular and unexpected visits to see them. With your loved one’s permission, family members are allowed to attend care plan meetings with the staff where an interdisciplinary team will make an assessment of your loved one’s specific needs and will then development a specific plan of care to ensure all of their specific needs can adequately be addressed.

Our lawyers routinely handle several cases throughout Florida, including Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, Lake County, Manatee County, Polk County, Orange County and Sarasota County that involve loved ones who have been harmed while residing in a nursing home facility or in an assisted living community. If you have any questions regarding suspected abuse or neglect on a loved one in a nursing home, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers.

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