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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from July, 2012

Tampa Day Care Injury Information


According to recent surveys, there are currently over 13,000,000 children aged six (6) and under that spend some time in a day care setting. Parents' main concerns when sending their children to a day care setting are health and safety. Approximately 31,000 kids ages four (4) and under receive treatment in emergency rooms each year for injuries sustained while entrusted at a day care. OurTampa Day Care Injury Attorneys are here to assist you and your little ones who may have been harmed or injured while under the care and supervision of a day care professional.

According to one national survey, it identified the following day care settings as safety hazards: playground surface; playground maintenance; child safety gates; window blind cords; recalled child products and drawstrings in children's clothing. Nearly 2/3 of all child care settings demonstrated at least one (1) safety hazard.

It can be helpful when touring potential day care settings for you and your child to look for the following:

  • Does the day care provide for protection from strangers;
  • Does the day care provide for protection from child elopement;
  • Does the day care have child safety gates in place;
  • Are all of the electrical outlets placed high and/or covered up;
  • Are the toys kept clean;
  • Are the playground areas / play areas kept clean;
  • Does the day care place wood chips and/or rubber placements under the swings and slides; and
  • Does the day care playground equipment prevent children from climbing too high.

For further information regarding child day care information and/or child injuries, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys.

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