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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from July, 2012

Florida Amusement Park Accident and Injury Information


Florida is widely known for its great amusement/theme parks located throughout the State, including Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens and Epcot. Orlando and Tampa Bay remain popular destinations for millions of tourists each year, many of whom visit several of the local amusement parks. Our Tampa Amusement Park Accident Attorneys litigate cases involving accidents and injuries, including wrongful death, that occur while on the premises of amusement parks within Florida.

Recent studies show, despite the downturn in the economy, an increase in visitors to Florida's amusement parks. With the increased attendance at the theme parks, injuries also, unfortunately, continue to escalate. If you or a loved one is hurt or injured while visiting a Florida amusement park, please remember these very basic steps that could later assist you should you need to retain an attorney:

  • Immediately seek medical attention prior to leaving the park.
  • Immediately report your injury and the facts surrounding the accident to the appropriate theme park personnel prior to leaving the park.
  • Always request a copy of the incident report verifying your accident and injuries.
  • Write down the names and employee numbers of the park personnel who assisted you with your injuries.
  • If possible, take photographs of the accident location.

Our attorneys have litigated numerous prior cases that have occurred at many of the various Florida theme parks/amusement parks. If you or a loved one have been injured while visiting a Florida amusement park, please contact us today, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys.

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