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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from December, 2012

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Information Regarding BP Oil Spill Claims


In April of 2010, a blowout of BP's well killed 11 workers and spilled nearly 200,000,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf. The result of the blowout and oil wreaked havoc on the Gulf, as well as the marine life that inhabited the region. The devastation to the marine life also significantly impacted numerous businesses that depended upon the Gulf, such as fishermen, restaurants, hotels and numerous tourist attractions along the coastline. Mandelbaum Trichler Law Center, primarily known for assisting injured accident victims, is representing business owners who have sustained economic losses stemming from the oil spill.

As a result of the tragic oil spill, BP established a $20,000,000,000.00 compensation fund to compensate Gulf Coast residents and businesses that sustained an economic loss. The BP settlement set forth a fund to compensate businesses that were affected directly or indirectly and that sustained an economic dip in the months following the spill. In establishing the settlement fund, BP has accepted responsibility for certain economic losses to certain eligible businesses in qualifying Gulf Coast counties.

Mandelbaum Trichler Law Center can assist your business in determining whether you may qualify for a BP oil spill claim. While the settlement agreement is rather complex, we are equipped to determine whether your business qualifies for a potential recovery. Our attorneys litigate cases throughout Florida including Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Manatee, Orange and Sarasota County. If you are a business owner that suffered an economic downturn in gross revenues in the months following the April 2010 oil spill, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys.

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