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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from September, 2011

General Nursing Home / Assisted Living / Elderly Care Information


Should we place our elderly parents in the care of a nursing home and/or assisted living facility? It is a decision so many families struggle with all over the State of Florida, where many elderly citizens choose to spend their retirement. Once a family decision is made to place a loved one in the care of a nursing home and/or assisted living facility we count on the facility, and its competent staff members, to treat our family member as one of their own. Unfortunately, in many cases, the care that should be provided to our loved ones is not there. On those occasions, our Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys are here to assist you.

Florida is an extremely popular retirement location where many elderly citizens like to enjoy their elder years. In addition, many Americans are living longer and our elderly population continues to grow on an annual basis. Our Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys have represented families and children who have had a loved one injured while under the care and supervision of a nursing home and/or assisted living facility.

Florida nursing homes and assisted living facilities, like all states, are regulated by numerous state and federal laws, as well as industry standards. It is important to hire a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney who is familiar with the various regulations and standards.

The most common injuries that occur in Florida nursing homes involve the following:

-Bed Sores / Pressure Sores / Decubitus Ulcers





-Head Injuries



-Elopement / Wandering

-Physical Abuse by Staff / Physical Abuse by Other Residents

-Sexual Abuse by Staff / Sexual Abuse by Other Residents

-Infections / Sepsis


-Medication Errors

-Unexplained Death / Unexpected Death

It is important to point out that most nursing home and/or assisted living facility injuries are governed by Chapter 400, Florida Statutes. In particular, most nursing home abuse cases involve violations of Section 400.022, Florida Statutes, which is more commonly referred to as Florida's "Residents' Rights". The Residents' Rights contains over twenty (20) specific rights of the nursing home resident that are to be protected by the nursing home and its staff. The nursing home should prominently display the Residents' Rights in the lobby of its facility.

Trusting your loved one's Nursing Home Abuse case to a personal injury attorney is an extremely important step in ensuring your loved one was properly treated. To fully evaluate whether a Florida nursing home may have caused and/or contributed harm to your loved one, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys.

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