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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from April, 2012

Tampa Truck Accident Attorney - Injury Information Concerning the Independent Contractor


Tractor-trailer accidents account for nearly 400,000 accidents every year among our nation's roadways which result in nearly 4000 deaths. Florida continues to rank high among all states involving semi-truck or tractor-trailer accidents and fatalities. Florida also ranks high among states where the truck drivers typically claim they are an "independent contractor" and thus, you can be precluded from suing a large motor carrier and/or employer. Our Tampa Trucking Attorneys litigate cases involving semi-trucks and are familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, as well as Florida laws that govern large trucks within our state. We remain dedicated to representing individuals and families who have been injured as a result of a semi-trucking accident.

In Florida, the independent contractor issue remains alive for many meaningful purposes, such as taxation, unemployment and workers' compensation. Many motor carriers or employers of semi-truck drivers will commonly attempt to label their semi-truck drivers as "independent contractors" in an effort to avoid responsibility for their actions. However, a motor carrier will generally be responsible for a driver any time that driver is hauling freight for the motor carrier. It will always important to establish the employee/employer relationship between a truck driver and motor carrier because the motor carrier is required to maintain larger insurance policies than an independent contractor. Although numerous exceptions can arise in any given case, the general rule is that the motor carrier will be responsible.

Our attorneys have litigated numerous trucking cases involving victims who have been injured through the negligence of semi-truck drivers in Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, Manatee County, Polk County, Orange County and Sarasota County. Should you have any questions regarding Florida trucking accidents and/or Florida trucking regulations, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney.

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