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Tampa Personal Injury Blogs from November, 2011

Motorcycle Accident Information


Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents end in fatalities. For those motorcyclists that survive an accident, their injuries are generally quite severe and often include significant spinal injuries, broken bones, nerve damage and traumatic brain injuries. Although motorcycle fatalities have decreased in the past few years, Florida continues to rank high among states involving serious motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Our Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys focus a significant portion of their practice litigating injury cases involving motorcycles. We remain dedicated to representing individuals who have been involved in a Tampa motorcycle accident.

Did you know the death rate for a motorcyclist is twenty-two (22) times higher than those occupants in a motor vehicle? Because motorcycle accidents present unique orthopedic and neurological injuries that most often require an extensive knowledge and appreciation of a host of bio-mechanical and physical medicine aspects, we routinely retain accident reconstruction experts, as well as medical experts. We work with engineers to determine, among other things, the speed of the involved motorcycle and motor vehicle to determine the force of impact.

It is extremely important to wear appropriate protective equipment while riding your motorcycle. This includes the helmet, which is by far the most important piece of equipment available to a motorcyclist. You should also wear eye protection, gloves and roughed footwear while riding.

Our attorneys have litigated numerous past cases involving motorcycle accidents. Mr. Trichler additionally has extensive experience and appreciation of motorcycle accidents based upon his years of riding motocross and street bikes. Should you have any questions regarding Florida motorcycle accidents and/or Florida motorcycle licensing regulations, please contact us, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney.

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