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Trucking Accident

Estimates of trucks operating in the United States stand at over 15 million, out of which 2 million are tractor trailers. Close to 5,000 people are killed in truck accidents every year; the overwhelming majority of these are those victims in smaller passenger vehicles. Commercial trucks, including semis, big rigs, tractor trailers, and others pack a wallop when striking another vehicle due to their vast length and weight, which increases substantially at higher speeds. Truck accidents may be caused by driver fatigue, illegal driving maneuvers, speeding, poor driver training, poor truck maintenance, improperly loaded trucks, or may be alcohol or drug-related.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident in or around Tampa, it is crucial that you contact our firm to speak to a trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm practices personal injury law exclusively and has experienced and skilled attorneys ready to assist you in making an injury claim. You may be entitled to recover financial compensation for damages connected with your injuries, including past and future medical expenses, property damage to your vehicle, loss of wages, future loss of wages due to being injured, pain, suffering, and other out-of-pocket or other losses.

Truck Accidents

It is important to contact a Tampa trucking accident attorney at our firm immediately following a truck accident to preserve vital evidence. These cases may be quite complex, requiring the professional legal skills of a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Our firm will handle all of the legal aspects of your case to help ensure that you receive the best chance of a favorable case result. Because our attorneys have worked on both sides of the table, as insurance defense lawyers as well as representing the injured, we have a comprehensive and unique understanding of how to get results.

Contact an injury lawyer at the firm if you have been injured in a truck accident anywhere in the greater Tampa area today at (813) 862-1029.

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