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Has Your Child Been Injured On The Playground?

Playground falls and accidents account for approximately 200,000 injuries to children annually. These injuries occur at all types of playgrounds, at schools, public parks, and private areas, resulting in a wide range of injuries, from broken bones, head trauma, brain injuries, spinal injuries, and more. Ensuring that playground equipment is safe for children is the responsibility of whoever owns the equipment and is providing it for the use of children. This can be a school district, city, county, or other governmental or private owner.

Unfortunately, after assessing more than 3,000 playgrounds in all 50 states, the National Program for Playground Safety has rated most playgrounds with an average C rating, taking into consideration equipment maintenance, adult supervision, and a variety of other safety considerations. This means that many playgrounds have considerable deficiencies in the safety department which can lead to accidents and injuries for children.

If your child has been injured at a playground in the Tampa area due to negligent safety factors, we recommend that you contact our firm to speak to a Tampa personal injury attorney. We can review the situation and circumstances of the accident and injuries for liability issues. You may be able to file an injury claim or lawsuit for damages against those responsible for the situation.

Contributing Factors to Playground Injuries

Many factors can contribute to accidents and injuries at playgrounds, including improper surfaces where children jump or land, poorly maintained equipment, things that stick up out of surfaces or rails that can cause trips or other injuries, sharp edges, platforms without guardrails, and equipment that is not recommended for playgrounds.

We offer a free, initial consultation with a Tampa injury lawyer at the firm so that you can discuss your child's accident and injuries to get the experienced legal guidance you need.

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