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The consequences that follow a burn are not just physical. While the injury is severely painful, a burn can also result in high medical costs, lost income and psychological scars for years to come. There are several types of burns and they can vary in degrees but regardless of the type, you deserve compensation. Hold the negligent party responsible for your injury by teaming up with a skilled Tampa personal injury lawyer. Mandelbaum Trichler Law Center, P.A. can help you fight to recover damages in your burn injury case, so call us today.

Types of Burn Injuries

Every burn is different depending on the unique cause and the severity. To break down the types of burns you can use these four categories; thermal, chemical, electrical and radiological. There are many other ways to categorize types of burns, but these four are defined in the following ways:

  1. Thermal burns (heat burns): this type of burn is either caused by fire, steam or any type of hot object or liquid.
  2. Burns will vary by degree depending on the cause
  3. Chemical burns: this type of burn is caused by some sort of acid or alkali substance
  4. The chemical agent needs to be inactivated to stop the damage
  5. Electrical burns: this type of burn is caused by an AC or DC electrical current, similar to a thermal burn but from a very high heat
  6. Injury spreads throughout the body, severity cannot be determined by the external injury
  7. Radiological burns: this type of burn is caused by radiation, either alpha, beta or gamma
  8. May require decontamination to help stop the injury

There are many other categories within these categories such as friction burns or cold temperature burns. Feel free to contact our firm to discuss your unique burn injury and how we could help.

Burn Injury Degrees

Each type of burn will have different effects and different degrees of severity. The general separation of degrees include first-degree, second-degree and third-degree burns. The degree is used to determine how deep the damage is and the higher the degree, the worse the injury is. A first degree burn is considered to be superficial. This means that there is only damage to the surface of the skin, the epidermis, but it is still intact. A second degree burn means that the burn damaged the epidermis and made its way through to the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. These types of burns are also termed 'partial-thickness burns.' There is usually a loss of skin function with this degree of burn and they are thought to be the most painful. The nerves are not fully damaged so the victim is generally able to feel the majority of the pain. Third degree burns are the most severe. This type of burn means that both the epidermis and dermis have been destroyed and it could have extended further. Third degree as well as second degree burns have a problem with fluid and heat loss and a susceptibility to infection. This degree of burn is also termed a 'full-thickness burn' and it kills the nerves which takes some of the pain out of the equation.

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