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Brain injuries are among the most serious and devastating injuries that a person can sustain. Such injuries may be caused by motor vehicle accidents, boating accidents, recreational mishaps, falls, through medical malpractice, or in any number of scenarios with negligence or misconduct on the part of a responsible party as the cause. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury due to negligence or wrongdoing in the Tampa area, it is critical that you consult with a brain injury attorney at our firm about the circumstances of the injuries. Our attorneys can review and evaluate your situation under personal injury law to determine who may be held liable for your injuries and initiate legal action on your behalf.

Brain Injury Cases

Head trauma, brain injury, and brain damage can often result in impairment or disability. How temporary or permanent the disability may be will depend on the severity of the injury, the overall health of the individual, age, and other factors. Serious brain injuries have a much higher incidence of permanent disability, including problems with speech, memory, motor skills, and more. The worst of these types of cases may result in a vegetative state where the victim requires round-the-clock nursing care.
Those suffering brain injuries will generally need temporary or permanent medical care, with the specialized assistance of neurologists, neurosurgeons, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, and others engaged in rehabilitative strategies and treatments. All of this comes at a staggering medical cost. Victims of brain injuries brought on by the negligence of others deserve financial compensation for these costs as well as for the loss of the ability to earn a living, emotional trauma, pain, and suffering.

By consulting with a Tampa brain injuries lawyer at the firm, your injury claim or lawsuit will be in the hands of a legal professional who has extensive experience and the dedication you need to get results.

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