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In recent years there has been an increase in motor vehicle collisions caused by distracted drivers. Due to the severity of these accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has deemed distracted driving to be a nationwide epidemic. This avoidable safety hazard has made highways, surface streets, and country roads a danger zone with a higher risk of accidents. If you have sustained an injury due to distracted drivers, it is imperative that you secure the assistance of a skilled Tampa personal injury attorney from Mandelbaum Trichler Law Center, P.A. immediately.

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Devastating Effects of Distracted Driving

In 2012 alone, 3,328 individuals lost their lives in distracted driving-related accidents. The U.S. Department of Transportation has made efforts to eliminate the use of cell phones and texting behind the wheel since 2009. States have been urged to adopt strict laws to bring an end to these catastrophes and to raise public awareness of the consequences. The moment a driver removes his or her attention and focus from the road, distracted driving occurs.

The following are common examples of distracted driving:

  • Texting
  • Eating or drinking
  • Personal grooming
  • Operating navigational systems
  • Cell phone use
  • Reading maps
  • Conversing with passengers

The growth in technology has brought new distractions into our vehicles, creating a severe safety crisis. When a driver chooses to pick up a cell phone, he or she is diverting their visual, manual, and cognitive attention. The individual raises the risk of a crash by 25% then when they are distracted while driving.

Find Out What Compensation You Are Eligible to Receive

Have you been injured in a distracted driving accident? At Mandelbaum Trichler Law Center, P.A. we understand the emotional exhaustion and economic hardships that you are experiencing as a result of this unexpected accident. Involving the legal system may not be high on your priority list, but seeking compensation can alleviate the burden of your new financial obligations. When you choose to work with our skilled attorneys, we can review your case, and inform you of your rights and legal options. Our staff can help you establish who to hold liable for your injuries and losses.

We can work tirelessly to recover compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damages
  • Mental anguish
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Special needs equipment
  • Lost income and earnings

If someone dear to you has been killed due to a distracted driver, we can file a wrongful death claim for you. Although no amount of money could ever come close to compensating for your loss, it may help to secure your financial future in some capacity. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the funeral expenses, lost income, and burial costs.

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